Service Technician Qualifying Position (STQP)

What is the Service Technician Qualifying Position (STQP)?

  • An entry-level field training position.
  • The STQP works under the guidance of qualified Service Technicians.
  • Participates in a two (2) year internal training program to become a fully qualified Service Technician that works in the installation, operation and maintenance of our gas system facilities.
  • See our informational STQP Video for more information about this position.

How do I become an STQP?

  • As positions become available at SaskEnergy, we will post them on our Careers site under Current Opportunities.
  • To apply, submit your application online to the specific location(s) you are interested in.  Be sure to include both a cover letter and resume outlining your qualifications and experience as it relates to the position.

What does the hiring process involve?  What are the timelines?

The hiring process takes place over a few months and involves the following stages, with a common start date for all hires:

  • Stage 1 - Prescreening (aptitude testing and interviews).
  • Stage 2 - Background checks and offers finalized.

Does this sound like the right career for you?  Apply online today!